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Helping modern brands excel with the highest quality customer support at a scalable, monthly rate.


Our Services

Canoe help brands develop world class customer support operations without the learning curve or cost of building an in-house team. Our solution blends live, multi-channel support with strategic planning and insights to help our clients deliver exceptional customer experiences, as cost effectively as possible. We offer:

Multi-Channel Support

We have your customers covered across live chat, email, and phone and are trained and equipped to handle even the most complex issues.

Scalable Coverage

Our volume-based, month-to-month pricing model means that you are never under- or over-staffed throughout the year and pay exactly for the service you need.

Increased Availability

We operate seven days a week: 9:00am - 8:00pm on weekdays and 10:00am - 6:00pm on weekends. That's 77% more live coverage hours than a full-time in-house team provides.

Expertise & Professionalism

We only hire the best and take pride in the polish, empathy, and diligence of our team. We are entirely U.S.-based and work together on a daily basis out of one office.

Reporting & Insights

We understand that short feedback loops between customers and brands are critical for long-term success. All of our clients have a dedicated account manager and receive in-depth efficiency and insights reporting on a weekly call.

Building a new brand?

We specialize in working with startup consumer brands. Whether you have barely started thinking about your customer support strategy or simply need help managing a growing customer base with fluctuating service needs, we have you covered.

Need support now?

Getting started with Canoe is a breeze. Once we have pressed “Go” it takes just days to get you integrated into our system and have our team fully trained to provide customer support for your brand.


We know that your need for customer support coverage fluctuates throughout the year due to seasonality and holiday shopping demand. Our price-per-interaction model makes sure you never pay for more coverage than you need.

Monthly Interactions
Support Coverage

What is an “interaction” exactly?

We consider any end-to-end customer support resolution an interaction. This means that rather than charging you each time we send a response, we only charge when a support ticket is closed.

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